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Our chef 's  phillosophy

Unveiling the Secrets of Tiger

Thai Food Journey, 2024

Over nearly four decades in the culinary world, our chef began a gastronomic adventure at the age of 4, assisting and learning from her grandmother. This journey has been a rewarding experience, nurturing ancient Thai cooking techniques, embracing her half-Hainan heritage, and immersing herself in the diverse culinary landscapes of Thai and Chinese traditions. Recognizing the evolution of this journey into a refined process, our chef has embraced time-honored customs and skillfully applied expertise in the realm of Asian food.


Thai Chef
Thai culinary
A Man Preparing a Salad

Today, Secrets of Tiger proudly presents a culinary masterpiece that seamlessly blends authentic Thai cooking techniques with an infusion of Hainan methods. The result is a unique culinary style that graces the tables of our Asian Restaurant, a testament to the rich flavors born from the chef's extensive expertise in both Thai and Chinese traditions. 

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