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Our chef 's  phillosophy

Tobb, a skilled Thai chef boasting over 6 years of experience in the culinary world, with a strong focus on sustainable food waste management. Together with her dedicated team, Tobb has spent an entire year studying and researching the Bay Area’s diverse ingredients and natural environment.  This allows the team thoroughly to understand the nature of each seasonal ingredient to ensure absolute freshness and nutrients and minimize the need for chemical preservatives for fruits and vegetables.

A Man Preparing a Salad

Secrets of an Asian Bistro

Our deep Asian roots, combined with our extensive exploration of different approaches and cooking styles throughout Asia, have greatly enriched our culinary knowledge. These profound experiences have enabled us to create simple yet brilliantly hidden culinary secrets that define our culinary philosophy.

At Secrets of Tiger, we artfully merge the various techniques of Asian cuisine with Western aesthetics to create a veritable treasure trove of flavors waiting to be discovered. Whether you're looking for an authentic Asian restaurant experience or simply craving delicious Asian food, our eatery promises an unforgettable culinary journey.

Vegetable Picking
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